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Big Thief

Indie Rock, Folk Rock (Brooklyn, New York)

Listening to Big Thief is like the feeling of looking at a dog and suddenly marveling that it is like you but very not like you; when you are accustomed to looking at a dog and thinking 'dog', watching Big Thief is like forgetting the word 'dog' and looking at that naked animal and getting much closer to it and how different it is to you.


Indie-Folk, (Brooklyn, New York)

"In a brass pail they carried the incredible head of Kira Kotsuke no Suke, and they took turns watching it. They crossed the fields and provinces, in the honest light of day. Men blessed them and wept."

Tyler Burkhart

Dream-pop, Low-fi Indie, (Lancaster, PA)

The Mellowells

Indie-Rock, Alternative, (Lancaster, PA)